About Us


Established: February 1962
Headquarters: Nichirei Akashicho Building, 6-4 Akashicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0044 Japan
E-mail: hello@mcp-hybec.co.jp

Light Guide Plate Factory

Backlight and Frontlight

Light Guide Plates using our inkjet technology are used in automotive LCD backlights, smartphones, tablet PCs, and LED TVs as a technology to realize larger size, lighter weight, higher brightness, and energy saving.

Light Guide Plate

2-D Luminance Uniformity Analyzer

2-D Luminance Uniformity Analyzer for accurately measuring luminance and chromaticity uniformity distribution for Backlight, LED Flat panel, and OLED

Special Lamps

UV Lamps, Medical and optical equipment lamps and Industrial heater lamps